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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spilling the Beans Part 1

We decided to wait and tell our parents at the same time and in person till Thursday. We were getting a new couch and we had previously spoke about having a couch warming party. We decided to go ahead with the party plans and have everyone over, that way they wouldn't be suspicious. After everyone arrived we waited till they all had a drink or two. We started by giving Tommy his birthday gift of a new radio for his back porch.

Then we asked each set of parents to sit together and open their gifts at the same time. We had seen Tervis Tumblers that said Grandma and Grandpa at Bed, Bath and Beyond a week or so before and thought when we have kids that would be a great way to tell them!

So the Monday night we found out, we headed to B3 and picked up the tumblers. I put each set in a gift bag and the parents preceded to open them. My mother knew immediately and kept asking is this a joke, no, they wouldn't do that to Tommy and Gloria. Gloria thought it was a cute gift from her grand-puppies. Greg and I looked at each other thinking, oh great, we are gonna have to explain this, but my mom knew right away and as soon as we said no we aren't joking we are gonna have a baby everyone's face lit up and they got teary. Hugs were given out left and right and everyone was shocked, surprised and very excited. It was a fun and emotional night for all. We ate Greg's homemade spaghetti sauce with noodles (Yum!) and sat up till 10 talking about all that was gonna happen! It was a great night and we have the best family!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dream Baby

I had a dream and woke up at 5:00am Monday morning. In my dream I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. It was so real. I woke up and wrestled with myself for an hour as to whether I should take the test or not. I was already planning to take it Wednesday if things weren't normal. I finally decided that the result would be the same whether I took it that day or Wednesday. I got up and took the test. I was shaking the whole time. I was so nervous! After I washed my hands I decided to take a look at the test and make sure it was still working because the directions said it would take 3 minutes. I looked down to find a result of Pregnant!

I was in complete shock. I was so surprised! I immediately took the test back to bed and turned on my light. I woke up Greg and put it close to his face so he could see it. He thought it was a nasal strip and I was making him put it on because he was snoring, so he tried to grab the pee stick. After I said no, don't touch it, he said what is it? I told him it's a pregnancy test and it's positive....I'm pregnant. He immediately hugged me and we were so excited for the rest of the morning! It was a very special day!

It was the day of our 1 month wedding anniversary.