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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dreams and Lessons

Well so far I've had 3 dreams....one about 7 weeks, one at 8 weeks and one at 9 weeks.

The first dream involved the baby (a boy in this one) being born in July even though he was due in January...he was full term and healthy, about 7 pounds. He was adorable...dark hair, not thick and light eyes. This is also the first dream I've had in the Singapore house...about time huh? :)
Greg was laying in bed with him and was so tired he couldn't even finish changing his diaper so I came in and finished for him. Amazingly I was full of energy and entertaining guests in the living room while Greg was exhausted and in the bedroom! As I finished changing the little man's diaper I realized he hadn't been fed all day long! I felt so bad! As I sat on the bed to feed him there was blood everywhere and I realized it was coming from me.
The lesson: I think that dream was a fear...fear that we weren't gonna be ready when the baby comes...that was the theme of the whole dream.

The second dream involved me loosing the baby in the house (a girl in this dream). I was looking all over for her, in her crib, in the master bedroom, in the bouncy chair, in the car seat...she ended up being in the swing...right where I left her.
The lesson: This was another fear dream I think...fear that I'm gonna loose the baby. We all know that won't happen! I'm so use to keeping tabs on where every little thing is for Greg that there is no way I won't know where the baby is at all times.

The third dream is a blur but the most important part was the part about it being a boy and the most adorable one I've ever seen at that!! Big blue eyes and thin light hair. Sweet face with cheeks you just wanted to bite. He was happy and smiling and so sweet, not fussy or sleepy even...wide awake and playful!
The lesson: Well there's not really one here because I don't remember the dream but I'm sure there was one...

10 Weeks! Our Little Prune…?

Giant Strawberry…there that sounds better!!

This week, baby measures about 1 1/2 inches from top to bottom--about as big as a cocktail shrimp and similar in shape and will double in the next 3 weeks! Tooth buds are forming, bones are growing, and hair is starting to sprout. His eyelids are fused shut and will remain closed until week 27, but he can hear now since the inner workings of the ear are complete. Neurons appear at one end of the spinal cord, and the basic divisions of the brain are present. He can also bend his arms at the elbows and has distinct fingers. Genitals continue to form, but the doctor is still not able to determine the sex yet, even by sonogram.

Last weekend, Greg and I went to Babies R Us and bought a few small (obviously) items…3 adorable layette outfits (1 blue with monkeys and 2 yellow with ducks) an adorable pair of puppy socks and some baby boat shoes (Greg just had to have them!). We had a lot of fun picking out some cute little things for our precious little one. Greg was disappointed when I pointed out the fact to him that our baby will be a newborn in the winter so all those absolutely precious newborn shorts would be of no use to us…sorry Hunny, that’s just the way it worked out. At least he will be big enough to wear tiny swim trunks this summer!

Then we went over to Lulu, a baby store by the Publix at the Town Center. It’s a high end baby store with the coolest stuff! Sarah, the girl who did the cake for the wedding (who I went to high school with) also works there, although she was sick on Saturday. We went so I could show Greg the coolest travel system in the WORLD!! It’s called Orbit Baby. It has the same basic functions as the typical travel system (car seat fits into a base in the car then fits on the stroller) but it is much more functional and has lots of very convenient features. It’s too much to write out here (and you’d probably get bored reading all of it because you don’t share the enthusiasm…oh…but you will when you see it!!) so I will just post the website so you can check it out at your convenience if you’d like to get a head start on the excitement! Greg didn’t share the excitement either until he saw it in person and started messing with it in the shop…it's AMAZING! And although the price tag is a bit high, it is durable enough to last several babies and we can sell it after. Plus it’s gender neutral and if we were to buy a cheaper system, I would buy gender specific so if the next one isn’t the same as the first one we’d have to buy a new system anyway. Ok, I’m going to stop now because the list could go on and on!

Later on Saturday, we went to Tommy and Gloria’s house and swam with Kelly and Amanda which was fun. Kelly brought steaks from Winn-Dixie where he works as a butcher but I’m still not feeling steak so I had a few chips.

Sunday Greg worked in the yard and we attended a 50th birthday party for Loretta that afternoon. I was so tired by 7, I didn’t know if I was gonna make it to the bed! Luckily a little energy came back and I was able to eat a Boca Chikn’ Pattie which was very delicious. We watched the movie Valentines Day and went to bed.

This morning has been a tough one so far…I’m struggling severely to keep my eyes open and I had a hard time doing anything without becoming short of breath. That is really annoying. I’m guessing the sudden lack of food is to blame and I’m trying to get down whatever I can but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Almost everything isn’t appetizing and sometimes I don’t even need food to feel like throwing up. But they say everything usually gets batter in the second trimester, so that’s what I’m hoping! 2 more weeks! Yay!

Next week we have a doctors appointment on Thursday to do some tests and on Friday we have a consultation with the Fruitful Vine Midwives…obviously I will let you know how it all goes.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It’s a BOY! Maybe. We think…

There is this really cool (and 80% accurate) test in the stores called Intelligender and it’s suppose to be very accurate in predicting the baby’s gender. Well, today I took the test and it turned green...it’s a BOY!

First we had to wait until morning which was very hard because we were both very impatient! Then I had to pee in a cup (again with the pee in the cup…will this never end??) and then I had to take a specific measurement of the pee in a syringe and inject it into another cup which had chemicals in it. I sealed the cup and waited the required 8 minutes then read the results….

I didn’t have to wait 8 minutes for the results to appear though…within 3 minutes it was green and clearly a boy! (If it was a girl it would have turned orange.) I called Greg back and we looked at the cup together…how neat! Haiden it is!

Now of course we have to check it with the sonogram but I have had a feeling from the beginning that it is a boy and Tommy is convinced that Pierce’s produce boys first…well he might be right! We shall see. We will probably get a gender confirming sonogram around 16 weeks (August 8th for those of you who don’t want to or can’t do the math).

For now, Greg and I are super excited and in light of this recent discovery are making final decisions in regards to nursery theme and furniture selection. Here is the theme we have decided on:

It’s called Blake by Nautica Kids and it is the perfect combination of little fisherman and boater but still cute enough for a baby. We love it! And I am planning on painting the walls in the same way: blue top, dark chair rail and a white bottom (we aren’t gonna do wainscoting because that would be a lot of wasted money in our opinions). Let me know if you find any accessories you think would be perfect for our little man’s room!

We are so excited and can’t wait to know for sure…not too much longer!

Monday, June 21, 2010

9 Weeks! Our Little Strawberry!

Well…time is flying and I can’t believe we are already 9 Weeks!

Our little raspberry is now a strawberry and officially a fetus, which literally means “little one”! Exciting news huh? At an inch long, our strawberry has hands that can flex at the wrist and fold over its heart. Eyelids cover its eyes and its ears are beginning to take shape on the sides of its head. Genitals are forming but we won’t know the gender by sonogram for a few more months.

This weekend was the Sanford boat trip and it was a blast. Besides the slight nausea on the boat (soothed by ginger ale, my new best friend) I felt pretty good. I was also very tired but that could have something to do with the early rising and sun! On the way back we stopped and had some lunch at a little river front restaurant. I had a salad and it was the best meal I’d had in weeks! I was able to eat the whole thing! It was amazing! I think salads are the way to go for me! No nausea the rest of the trip! How exciting!! Most meat is still not appetizing to me…besides ground beef which I find weird but hopefully that will change in about 3 weeks when I enter the 2nd trimester.

People are starting to notice my little belly, especially in a bathing suit…to bad it just looks like a beer belly for the most part! :) Oh well, gotta get through it. And before long there won’t be any mistaking my belly for beer!

Mom took me to get blood work done last week which went pretty well. We were in and out in about 20 minutes. I didn’t pass out but I started to so the nurses started talking to me and I snapped out of it…me and needles just don’t click. Well, needles and blood…even my own…especially my own!

We are considering a midwife instead of a doctor because I would prefer to not deliver in a hospital. We have an appointment July 9 to meet with the midwife…I’ll let you know how it goes…obviously. It is 5 minutes from our house on Beach Blvd so it’s close and convenient. I hope it works out!

Well, I guess that’s all for now! Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Doctors Appointment!

Our appointment was for 9:20 but we needed to be there early to fill out some paperwork. Being the anxious first time parents we are, we arrived at 8:50. We headed in and began the process. We filled out lots of forms and read and signed lots of papers. Then we waited…Greg was nervous, I could tell, he hates the doctor.

They finally called us in at our appointment time, showed us to our room and informed me that I would have to do a pee test every time I came in…Eww!! What a pain! Is it just me or does everyone manage to get pee on themselves when doing a pee in the cup test? Needless to say I washed my hands for a good 3 minutes afterwards. I went back to the room and the girl was ready to ask us questions. She turned on the big, scary ultrasound machine and all I could do was stare at it. This was for real now!

She asked all sorts of questions about my symptoms and dates. Then, after a brief absence, she told us about some tests in the future, gave us more paperwork and a goody bag with sample vitamins, info and coupons (which will be put to good use in the very near future).

After she left, Evelyn Brady came in, she’s a Certified Nurse Mid-Wife and she works with the other 3 doctors there. I have had her before and she is very nice. She has a very soothing way about her. She asked some questions about family history and told us about the papers we were given. Then I hopped on the bed and she squirted my belly with NOT COLD gel, which I was very thankful for! After a few minutes of tinkering with the machine my uterus popped up on the screen, I recognized it immediately…not that I had seen it before, I just knew what it was based on sonograms I had seen in the past. After a few seconds, there it was…our little blob! She focused in and the heartbeat was just flickering away…Greg noted how fast it was…I am so glad he was there! I saw it and wanted to burst out in tears! I was so happy to see it! She printed us a picture…our little ones first photo! How exciting!!

It occurred to me that this is really real! It hadn’t been completely real to me up until that point. For some reason I just couldn’t shake the idea that it was all in my head and I was making it up, even though I had had more than enough symptoms to point to yes! I just wanna scream with excitement when I think about it!

After our visit we headed home to let our little monsters out to potty and we each headed off to work. I am carrying around the little picture and I can’t wait to meet our little raspberry!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

8 Weeks! Our Little Raspberry!

Our little Raspberry is growing like mad, putting on a millimeter everyday and continuing to straighten out. It’s about .63 inches and .04 ounces and moving its arms, legs and now webbed fingers and toes like crazy! It has eye lids, a start of a nose and upper lip and its brain, spinal cord, heart, kidneys, liver, and stomach have begun to take shape. My uterus had gone from the size of a fist to the size of a grapefruit, and its showing!

Up until last Friday (the 11th) I hadn’t experienced any real nausea, except associated with the prenatal vitamins…but Friday was a completely different story. I woke up not feeling very well. In addition to my regular tiredness, I was just not feeling like me…
Through out the day I was ok just not great, then as we were heading down to the river it all kicked into overdrive. I wasn’t sure that I would make it without throwing up! And we were only 15 minutes away from the river!! Greg put the windows down and I took some deep breathes and it got better but it wasn’t over, by any means.

When we got there we did some slight unpacking and fed the dogs, then we were off to River Pub for dinner (which I was very excited about). When we got there another sudden wave of nausea hit and I had to get some gingerale and some breadsticks and crackers ASAP! After a few minutes I felt so much better! I still wasn’t 100% but the wave was gone and I could breathe without wondering who I was going to puke all over!

When dinner came I took a few bites but couldn’t manage to get down too much. The chicken in my favorite dish Chicken Alfredo with Mushrooms just wasn’t doing it for me and the fact that I couldn’t get it past the lump in my throat didn’t help. I obviously didn’t look to hot because the waitress came up and said to you want me to box that up so you don’t have to look at it anymore? I was very thankful. I managed not to make a scene and went to bed as soon as we got back.

It was pretty much the same story for the remainder of the weekend. I would feel good in the morning then eat breakfast and the roller coaster of nausea would begin. Gingerale seems to be my best friend at this point and burping makes it all feel better. Despite the nausea I had a good weekend, it was very relaxing. We went for a few short rides on the boat and a golf cart ride through the pumpkin patch. I got about 12 hours of sleep every night and felt very refreshed in the morning. Greg was wonderful, always asking if he could get or do something for me. He feels bad that I don’t feel well but he is very appreciative of me. He always says thank you for going through this so we can have a baby…what a magnificent guy!

Our first doctor’s appointment is tomorrow and I am very anxious! I’ll be sure to give a full report afterwards. I hope we get to hear our little raspberry’s heartbeat and if we are lucky we might even get a picture! How awesome would that be!

Well, that’s all for me today. I hope you have a wonderful Monday! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maternity Shopping!

Here we are…in the middle of week 7…and here I am…starting to show and sooooooo very thankful for maternity pants!! I love you maternity pants gods!! My regular clothes are just too fitted for me to be comfortable anymore.

No more sickness since Monday (scallops and pre-natal vitamins don’t mix). Got a bit nauseous last night at dance when we started Hustle with all the fast moving and turning so we had to stop, luckily that was at the end of practice. We started with the Waltz and it was great but the Hustle was just a bit too much for me.

After dance we headed to the town center to a shop called Destination Maternity (near West Marine). I tried on about 15 pants/capris/shorts. It was wonderful! Everything was so comfortable! I finally decided on 2 pairs of jean capri's, 1 pair of jeans (good for the winter too!), a top (all the rest looked like circus tents on me) and I splurged on a pair of nice black dress pants which are the most comfortable out of the bunch actually! The total was $206 (capri's and jeans $25, $35 and $45, the top was $24.95 on sale and the splurge was on the black pants for $78. I figured the pants would come in handy in the winter and for when I need to dress up...like tomorrow when we go to the University Club for $20 prime rib (which I will not be eating because steak doesn't sound appetizing to me right now). I also for some reason got $15 off...which was really cool! They also have this belly you put on under your clothes to see how big you're gonna get! It was a 7 month belly plus my 2 month belly equals 9 months!! It was big (and a wee bit scary) but it wasn't too bad...I guess I just had this image in my head of a belly so big I couldn't see where I was going! Silly I know.

The people were so nice there! They helped me figure out what size I needed...xs/s and she came over every few minutes to take my items and put them in the fitting room. They had a section with comfy chairs and a large screen tv on ESPN for the dad's and a "fenced" in kids play area with toys and a tv showing kids shows. They have work clothes, casual clothes, bathing suits, bra's, undies, pj's, and a section with baby stuff like diaper bags and toys and books. Some of their stuff is expensive like $120 pair of jeans, a $78 shirt and a $128 dress (which is what I took the "belly" picture in) but there is a reason it's all so expensive...it's WONDERFUL!!! I was frugal and got good deals (for the most part) but my experience there just made me feel better! Greg was getting cranky when we left because he was hungry...luckily we came home to a cooked meal of delicious pot roast Gloria made us! Which I was so disappointed when I could only eat half of what was on my plate!! I didn't want to stop eating it! Not even fair! Greg ended up eating my other half. I was crying inside...lol.

The spelling for Haiden we decided on is with an I because the double A just looked too weird. Anyway...can't wait to find out! A few more weeks of cooking and we should know!

A picture of my purchases!

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Weeks! Our Little Blueberry!

Good Monday Morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Greg and I had a very relaxing Saturday, we laid around and watched movies...it was just what the doctor ordered. Sunday we took our time straightening up the house and Sunday evening Scott and Amanda came over for a visit.

We are 7 weeks this week and our little sweet pea is now a blueberry! It has grown from .25 inches to .51 inches in just a week! It's brain is growing fast, generating about 100 new cells every minute! Arms and legs are forming joints and it's third and final set of kidneys are now in place. It's starting to look more and more like a baby now!

We will be 2 months on Sunday! Amazing how time fly's!

Our first doctors appointment is next week on Tuesday and we are super excited! Can't wait to make it official with a doctor visit. Hopefully we will get a picture of our little one! How cool would that be!

Greg says I am starting to show and I would have to agree with him...I am no longer able to "suck it in"! And something I hadn't read or heard until I experienced it is that although I don't have much nausea I am unable to eat the portion sizes I use to...Amanda said she is the same way (she's 10 weeks ahead of me). The old saying eating for two, though wrong anyway, is definitely wrong in my case...I'm eating for half! It's annoying but I guess I should be thankful that I can eat at all! I started taking my vitamins at night as suggested by my mom and it has helped a lot. Thanks Mom! The waves of nausea are almost entirely gone and the only time I experience anything is when my stomach gets empty and it's time for me to eat.

Well I guess that's all for me today! Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

6 Weeks! Our little Sweet Pea!

Just thought I'd let you know how it's going.

According to TheBump.com our little sweet pea is the size of a sweet pea! It's 6 weeks old (sort of, long story of gestational age vs. pregnancy progression) and busy growing ears, eyes, a nose, cheeks and a chin! It's little webbed arms and legs are starting to wiggle and it's heartbeat is twice as fast as mine! Although it's the size of a sweat pea it resembles more a shrimp! I am very excited to know whether it's a boy or girl but I don't think it's made up it's mind at this point.

As for the symptoms, I get tired really fast and that limits my ability to get things done around the house. I went to bed at 9 last night and Greg made me some Sleepytime tea, what a great guy! I woke up this morning feeling wonderful! Yesterday was not fun and I ended up sleeping until 7:30 (I usually get up about 6:30/45). No morning sickness yet, well caused by the little one anyway. Just a side note...don't take prenatal vitamins with orange juice! Bad combo and throwing up is inevitable! A bit of nausea but I'm pretty well convinced that it is attributed to the prenatal vitamins as well.

Our first doctor visit is June 15th, at 8 weeks! Crazy how fast things progress! Already halfway through the 1st trimester!

Last night I went and got the Bella Band and it is AMAZING! I didn't realize how uncomfortable I was! I knew I had this nagging discomfort in my stomach all day I just didn't realize how much discomfort it was causing me...guess I'm one of those that's not a fan of anything pressing against my stomach. Right now I'm just feeling super FAT but I know it's just bloat and it will go away and be replaced with a precious little bit soon enough. More exciting news....I got my first pair of maternity pants (well, capri's) yesterday as well! OMG!! They are amazing! More comfortable then I had imagined! And they aren't tight around my tummy, yet they don't fall down like I thought they would. It's a beautiful thing! I'm too scared to wear them though....I'm just gonna stick to my Bella Band when I need it until I get desperate. They were from Target so they were pretty reasonable too! Only $25! They are fabulous! I also got a non-maternity dress for the summer but it leaves me room to grow so it should be good till winter! Yay! Amazing how a few small items can make ya so happy!

Well, I guess that's all for now! Hope you have a great week! Good news...it's Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday! Praise the Lort!