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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dreams and Lessons

Well so far I've had 3 dreams....one about 7 weeks, one at 8 weeks and one at 9 weeks.

The first dream involved the baby (a boy in this one) being born in July even though he was due in January...he was full term and healthy, about 7 pounds. He was adorable...dark hair, not thick and light eyes. This is also the first dream I've had in the Singapore house...about time huh? :)
Greg was laying in bed with him and was so tired he couldn't even finish changing his diaper so I came in and finished for him. Amazingly I was full of energy and entertaining guests in the living room while Greg was exhausted and in the bedroom! As I finished changing the little man's diaper I realized he hadn't been fed all day long! I felt so bad! As I sat on the bed to feed him there was blood everywhere and I realized it was coming from me.
The lesson: I think that dream was a fear...fear that we weren't gonna be ready when the baby comes...that was the theme of the whole dream.

The second dream involved me loosing the baby in the house (a girl in this dream). I was looking all over for her, in her crib, in the master bedroom, in the bouncy chair, in the car seat...she ended up being in the swing...right where I left her.
The lesson: This was another fear dream I think...fear that I'm gonna loose the baby. We all know that won't happen! I'm so use to keeping tabs on where every little thing is for Greg that there is no way I won't know where the baby is at all times.

The third dream is a blur but the most important part was the part about it being a boy and the most adorable one I've ever seen at that!! Big blue eyes and thin light hair. Sweet face with cheeks you just wanted to bite. He was happy and smiling and so sweet, not fussy or sleepy even...wide awake and playful!
The lesson: Well there's not really one here because I don't remember the dream but I'm sure there was one...

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