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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Doctors Appointment!

Our appointment was for 9:20 but we needed to be there early to fill out some paperwork. Being the anxious first time parents we are, we arrived at 8:50. We headed in and began the process. We filled out lots of forms and read and signed lots of papers. Then we waited…Greg was nervous, I could tell, he hates the doctor.

They finally called us in at our appointment time, showed us to our room and informed me that I would have to do a pee test every time I came in…Eww!! What a pain! Is it just me or does everyone manage to get pee on themselves when doing a pee in the cup test? Needless to say I washed my hands for a good 3 minutes afterwards. I went back to the room and the girl was ready to ask us questions. She turned on the big, scary ultrasound machine and all I could do was stare at it. This was for real now!

She asked all sorts of questions about my symptoms and dates. Then, after a brief absence, she told us about some tests in the future, gave us more paperwork and a goody bag with sample vitamins, info and coupons (which will be put to good use in the very near future).

After she left, Evelyn Brady came in, she’s a Certified Nurse Mid-Wife and she works with the other 3 doctors there. I have had her before and she is very nice. She has a very soothing way about her. She asked some questions about family history and told us about the papers we were given. Then I hopped on the bed and she squirted my belly with NOT COLD gel, which I was very thankful for! After a few minutes of tinkering with the machine my uterus popped up on the screen, I recognized it immediately…not that I had seen it before, I just knew what it was based on sonograms I had seen in the past. After a few seconds, there it was…our little blob! She focused in and the heartbeat was just flickering away…Greg noted how fast it was…I am so glad he was there! I saw it and wanted to burst out in tears! I was so happy to see it! She printed us a picture…our little ones first photo! How exciting!!

It occurred to me that this is really real! It hadn’t been completely real to me up until that point. For some reason I just couldn’t shake the idea that it was all in my head and I was making it up, even though I had had more than enough symptoms to point to yes! I just wanna scream with excitement when I think about it!

After our visit we headed home to let our little monsters out to potty and we each headed off to work. I am carrying around the little picture and I can’t wait to meet our little raspberry!!

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