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Monday, June 21, 2010

9 Weeks! Our Little Strawberry!

Well…time is flying and I can’t believe we are already 9 Weeks!

Our little raspberry is now a strawberry and officially a fetus, which literally means “little one”! Exciting news huh? At an inch long, our strawberry has hands that can flex at the wrist and fold over its heart. Eyelids cover its eyes and its ears are beginning to take shape on the sides of its head. Genitals are forming but we won’t know the gender by sonogram for a few more months.

This weekend was the Sanford boat trip and it was a blast. Besides the slight nausea on the boat (soothed by ginger ale, my new best friend) I felt pretty good. I was also very tired but that could have something to do with the early rising and sun! On the way back we stopped and had some lunch at a little river front restaurant. I had a salad and it was the best meal I’d had in weeks! I was able to eat the whole thing! It was amazing! I think salads are the way to go for me! No nausea the rest of the trip! How exciting!! Most meat is still not appetizing to me…besides ground beef which I find weird but hopefully that will change in about 3 weeks when I enter the 2nd trimester.

People are starting to notice my little belly, especially in a bathing suit…to bad it just looks like a beer belly for the most part! :) Oh well, gotta get through it. And before long there won’t be any mistaking my belly for beer!

Mom took me to get blood work done last week which went pretty well. We were in and out in about 20 minutes. I didn’t pass out but I started to so the nurses started talking to me and I snapped out of it…me and needles just don’t click. Well, needles and blood…even my own…especially my own!

We are considering a midwife instead of a doctor because I would prefer to not deliver in a hospital. We have an appointment July 9 to meet with the midwife…I’ll let you know how it goes…obviously. It is 5 minutes from our house on Beach Blvd so it’s close and convenient. I hope it works out!

Well, I guess that’s all for now! Hope you have a great weekend!

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