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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It’s a BOY! Maybe. We think…

There is this really cool (and 80% accurate) test in the stores called Intelligender and it’s suppose to be very accurate in predicting the baby’s gender. Well, today I took the test and it turned green...it’s a BOY!

First we had to wait until morning which was very hard because we were both very impatient! Then I had to pee in a cup (again with the pee in the cup…will this never end??) and then I had to take a specific measurement of the pee in a syringe and inject it into another cup which had chemicals in it. I sealed the cup and waited the required 8 minutes then read the results….

I didn’t have to wait 8 minutes for the results to appear though…within 3 minutes it was green and clearly a boy! (If it was a girl it would have turned orange.) I called Greg back and we looked at the cup together…how neat! Haiden it is!

Now of course we have to check it with the sonogram but I have had a feeling from the beginning that it is a boy and Tommy is convinced that Pierce’s produce boys first…well he might be right! We shall see. We will probably get a gender confirming sonogram around 16 weeks (August 8th for those of you who don’t want to or can’t do the math).

For now, Greg and I are super excited and in light of this recent discovery are making final decisions in regards to nursery theme and furniture selection. Here is the theme we have decided on:

It’s called Blake by Nautica Kids and it is the perfect combination of little fisherman and boater but still cute enough for a baby. We love it! And I am planning on painting the walls in the same way: blue top, dark chair rail and a white bottom (we aren’t gonna do wainscoting because that would be a lot of wasted money in our opinions). Let me know if you find any accessories you think would be perfect for our little man’s room!

We are so excited and can’t wait to know for sure…not too much longer!

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  1. I love the room design. It's so cute but not too cute. Still MANLY!! Haiden will appreciate that:)