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Thursday, June 3, 2010

6 Weeks! Our little Sweet Pea!

Just thought I'd let you know how it's going.

According to TheBump.com our little sweet pea is the size of a sweet pea! It's 6 weeks old (sort of, long story of gestational age vs. pregnancy progression) and busy growing ears, eyes, a nose, cheeks and a chin! It's little webbed arms and legs are starting to wiggle and it's heartbeat is twice as fast as mine! Although it's the size of a sweat pea it resembles more a shrimp! I am very excited to know whether it's a boy or girl but I don't think it's made up it's mind at this point.

As for the symptoms, I get tired really fast and that limits my ability to get things done around the house. I went to bed at 9 last night and Greg made me some Sleepytime tea, what a great guy! I woke up this morning feeling wonderful! Yesterday was not fun and I ended up sleeping until 7:30 (I usually get up about 6:30/45). No morning sickness yet, well caused by the little one anyway. Just a side note...don't take prenatal vitamins with orange juice! Bad combo and throwing up is inevitable! A bit of nausea but I'm pretty well convinced that it is attributed to the prenatal vitamins as well.

Our first doctor visit is June 15th, at 8 weeks! Crazy how fast things progress! Already halfway through the 1st trimester!

Last night I went and got the Bella Band and it is AMAZING! I didn't realize how uncomfortable I was! I knew I had this nagging discomfort in my stomach all day I just didn't realize how much discomfort it was causing me...guess I'm one of those that's not a fan of anything pressing against my stomach. Right now I'm just feeling super FAT but I know it's just bloat and it will go away and be replaced with a precious little bit soon enough. More exciting news....I got my first pair of maternity pants (well, capri's) yesterday as well! OMG!! They are amazing! More comfortable then I had imagined! And they aren't tight around my tummy, yet they don't fall down like I thought they would. It's a beautiful thing! I'm too scared to wear them though....I'm just gonna stick to my Bella Band when I need it until I get desperate. They were from Target so they were pretty reasonable too! Only $25! They are fabulous! I also got a non-maternity dress for the summer but it leaves me room to grow so it should be good till winter! Yay! Amazing how a few small items can make ya so happy!

Well, I guess that's all for now! Hope you have a great week! Good news...it's Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday! Praise the Lort!

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