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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

21 Weeks! Our Little Banana!

21 weeks...time is moving fast! Our little one is getting bigger by the day and at 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces he is about the size of a banana! He's getting so big! He's still busy drinking the amniotic fluid and putting on the pounds (and my guess is so am I). Things have been going pretty well...my tummy is starting to itch a lot and the swelling is affecting more than just my fingers mid-day. I wore a cute pair of wedge shoes the other day and when I took them off when I got home I noticed my feet where slightly swollen...guess I won't be wearing those again for a while. I'm gonna have to find some comfy shoes because after a long day my feet hurt even after wearing flip flops!

Our little monkey treat is moving all around and throughout a lot of the day...it's so nice to feel him moving, it let's me know he's ok. The paranoid mother in me has already started...when I don't feel him for a bit I start to get worried. And all the reading I have done about the dangers of sleeping on your back (which just happens to be my favorite and most comfortable position) is waking me up a lot more at night...I'm always trying to make sure I'm not cutting off my little man's oxygen supply.

Greg and I have installed the car seat in my car to see how I like the fit and to test which car works better for me and the little banana...this week it's my car's turn...next week it's the Exploder. Which ever has more space and is easier for me to maneuver and function will be the pick. We shall see!

The dining room needs one more coat of paint (1 primer coat and 3 red coats later) then it will be completed...it's good at night but during the day there is still a slight bit of white showing through. Otherwise it's starting to look really good! We got the fans up in the living room and they look fanominal! The baseboards and "quarter round" (we actually used something a bit bigger than quarter round but I can't remember what it's called) are up and ready for caulking and touch up paint.

Speaking of work to be done around the house...we will be in town to help Dad at Wings and Wheels at Craig on September 25th...so I was thinking Sunday September 26th would be a great day to get started on painting Haiden's room and start the furniture staining process. So...if you'd like to help with either project let me know...we sure would appreciate it! Fall is approaching fast and it's making me nervous that there is still so much to be done in there. Depending on how much help we have and how much work we get done we may have to schedule an additional day but I'll let you know more about that later if it comes up. I am so excited to get things moving in the nursery...I can't wait for it to be finished and for our little one to enjoy it. (It's making me a bit teary eyed just to think about it actually! LOL) So if you'd like to help I would so appreciate it!! Just let me know!

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