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Monday, September 27, 2010

23 Weeks! Decorating the Nursery!

Our little one is still growing big! He's about 12 inches long and a pound or more. I have a feeling from the ultrasound pictures he will have long legs like his daddy! He wasn't as active this past week as he has been but he is getting limited on his space. It's funny how my little one is already making a liar out of me! I tell you he's very active and kicking like crazy, then everyone comes around and he's a sleepy boy and a gentle thumper! I see how it's gonna be!

Saturday I worked with Mom, Dad, Mackie and Brad at WingsNWheels at Craig where we had a booth. It was a pretty successful day, a lot more people showed up than we expected! Although it was a hot one, it was a beautiful day with no rain.

Sunday was another working day. Mom, Dad, Mackie, Mrs. Kathy, Frenchy, Aunt Kathy, Greg and I worked on the nursery and furniture. Mom and Dad painted the nursery walls half blue, the other half will be bead board wall paper which Mackie and I measured for on Friday afternoon and ordered from Bed, Bath and Beyond (yes, they sell wall paper actually). Hopefully they have the wall paper in their stores and it will be sent shortly, otherwise I'll have to order it from somewhere else and lose 2 weeks time!

Mrs. Kathy, Aunt Kathy, Mackie, Mom, Greg and I worked on sanding and staining the furniture. After we figured out a few things and learned that the sponge brushes are way faster and use less stain (about half way through the staining process) it went pretty fast and we managed to get 2 coats on the book shelves, shelves and dresser drawers before running out of stain and energy. So far it looks really great! I have to pick up another can of stain which Greg and I will use to finish the crib and dresser this week. Then it's a coat of clear and we're done with the furniture staining! Hallelujah! That was not a project we were looking forward to but it turned out to be not so bad. Frenchy and Dad worked on finishing the drywall in the laundry room...it's almost done! Greg and I still have to finish up the trim (a fresh coat of glossy white paint), paint the doors and demolish and install the closet organizer in the nursery. Then it's on to the more fun projects, like hanging curtains, crafting some block letters that spell out his name and putting up the quote I had made ("Let your dreams set sail").
Once the crib is finished, completely dry and reassembled we will go get the mattress (kind of an important piece) and then before we know it the baby shower will be here and we will compile a list of the things we still need to complete the nursery. I am looking forward to it being done. With my growing "gut" as Greg called it jokingly the other day, it's getting harder for me to do things and with the 3rd trimester and all it's exhaustion coming up fast. I want to get as much done as I can before I don't have the energy or ability to do it anymore.

We are also contemplating getting a new car, well, a van to be more specific. After driving my car and Greg's car for a week with the car seat, I have discovered I have much more visibility in the Explorer and it feels a lot safer but it is much higher off the ground and a bit more difficult for me to get the car seat in and out...both cars have their pros and cons. We decided that I will drive the Explorer and Greg will drive the Rav4...but after looking around online at vans (and other SUV's in the beginning but we decided on a van) and our finances, we think it's doable. We are leaning towards the Chrysler Town and Country which has a good starting price (and therefore a good used price) and a ton of storage as compared to the other vans on the market. We are still going to look at a couple other models but this one seems to be at the top of our list. If you've had any experiences with the Chrysler, or any other van for that matter, let me know. The more information we get the better.

We have a midwife appointment this week with the glucose test on Wednesday...not looking forward to the test part but I am looking forward to hearing his fast little heartbeat again.

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