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Thursday, October 7, 2010

24 Weeks! 6 Months Already??

24 weeks...that's 6 months! My, how the time flies! He's still about a foot long and about 1.5 pounds. He can make a fist and grab his toes, he's so smart! They say you can hear his heartbeat if you put your ear to my tummy but we tried to hear it with a stethoscope last night and had no luck so I'm thinking we aren't gonna be able to hear it through the tummy. He has been more active this week, which makes me happy! And I'm sure you'll be glad to know, I passed the glucose and hemoglobin tests with flying colors! Yay! Not bad at all...just a small finger prick. Everything is right on track growth wise...my tummy is 24 centimeters...just where it is suppose to be for 24 weeks. We heard his heartbeat again...strong and fast, just as it should be! We asked Sharon's (our midwife) opinion on a good pediatrician and she recommended the doctors that share an office with her. She said they are the best and they look for alternatives before doling out prescriptions...which is right up our ally. I had also received a recommendation for them through my chiropractor, whose wife had just given birth, at home, a few months before. They have a monthly open house the last Tuesday of the month so we will attend that to meet them. I am excited to have that in place...one more thing to cross off my to do list!

Well, last week I told you we had contemplated getting a new car...a van to be more specific. After going over our finances and doing some research we decided it was a good time to buy...so we set a date to start looking. Well that date was Saturday but we couldn't wait...so last week on Wednesday night we went to Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge at 9A and Baymeadows and fell head over heels in love with a Clearwater Blue 2008 Chrysler Town and Country Touring Signature Series. It had everything we were looking for and more...it was a dream. Before we saw the dream van we saw a brand new 2010 and it was ok...then we looked at 2 more 2008's but the choice was clear...or Clearwater Blue rather. We had originally thought to look only at the 2009 or 10 models so we could get a slightly lower interest rate and we were able to find lots in our price range...but this 2008 was perfect and we thought we could get it for less than we had planned. Well, when we went in to find out the price, they said they had it listed for $26998...then they crossed it out and went to $23998...after we told them ain't no way in hell we are paying that for an 08...they came back with $21998...better but not good enough for an 08 we thought. We showed them a 2010 for only $20k in St. Augustine and we continued the haggling. After finding out some more details about the car, which we didn't know when we originally saw it...like how it was a Signature Series model (top of the line) and had features like remote start, blind spot sensors, a towing package, and took it for a test drive we decided it was worth it. We told them to throw in new tires and they had a deal. It was a significantly better deal then the 2010 because it had everything we wanted including leather seats plus it had all the extra's. After walking in at 6pm just browsing, we walked out at 10pm with a new car! How exciting!

The next day was a busy one...I had to go by the bank and get money for the deposit then take it over to the dealership. Then go sign the papers at Vystar downtown with Greg and take the check back to the dealership. Then I set up a date to bring the van back to have it's inspection and new tires put on. Saturday morning Greg took it to get his haircut then had it washed...he's such a sweetheart! We love the van so much...I never saw myself as a minivan momma but now I can't imagine my life without it! I took it Tuesday to have the work done and they gave me a rental...a Dodge Caliber and I hated it. I guess I have been spoiled. Oh well, that's the way I like me!

From Singapore
Isn't she a beaut!!

From Singapore

From Singapore
One DVD player down...the other stowed.

From Singapore
Little Haiden's seat!

As for the furniture...well it's almost done! We have to finish the clear coat on the crib then we are done! Hooray! I can't wait to see it all put back together and set up in his finished room (which will hopefully be soon)! I'm still waiting to hear on the wallpaper but I'm getting impatient...so I'll probably call today. And I'll be sure to post pictures the moment it's set up!

The weather has been wonderful this last week and Greg and I have taken complete advantage of it! We sit outside every night with the dogs on our couch, drinking our tea and settling down for bed. It has been so wonderful and because of it we have both slept great! What a nice time to have together.

Saturday night we went to dinner with Tim and Devon and had a great time...we haven't been out like that in quite a while and it was time. Last night we had dinner with Tommy and Gloria before they go on their trip to Hawaii...wish it were me! Everyone please wish them a safe and wonderful trip! And while you're at it, wish for a safe and pleasant recovery for Ashley Taylor who just had her appendix removed after 4 weeks of pain...she's such a trooper!

One last thing....I have had lot's of requests for our registry information...so here it is:

BabiesRUs is our main one, Target is a copy of some of the BabiesRUs items and Amazon is a list of those things you can't find at either of those stores. Our bedding and stroller accessories are on the Amazon registry and the household items like the swing, pack and play and highchair are on the BabiesRUs registry. Let me know if you need anymore info or if it looks like I have forgotten anything...it's been a common occurrence for me lately!

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