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Monday, October 11, 2010

25 Weeks! Our Little Eggplant!

Well, here we are at week 25...and our little one is now the size of an eggplant! He's about 15 inches long and working on 2.5 pounds. He's getting so big! The good news...if something were to happen he could survive outside the womb, with the help of the NICU team of course...but that's peace of mind to me! He knows his up from down, his little equilibrium is hard at work keeping him right side up. He is practicing his breathing while in REM sleep so he'll be ready for the real thing when he gets here. His eyes are forming and his skin is taking on a pink glow thanks to new capillaries flowing blood beneath his skin. I am so excited to meet him!

Saturday morning Greg got up very early to pick up Tommy and Gloria and take them to the airport...they are in Hawaii for a week...I'm jealous. Then we met the gang at Amelia Island to watch them sky dive for Krysty's 21st birthday. After they were all safely on the ground we could relax! They had a great time and it didn't seem as scary as we all thought it would be. Then the girls headed to the house to get ready for the Marco party and the boys went to Sliders for lunch. The hair was fabulous! Thanks Mackie!
The Marco party was a blast...Generations of Aviation for those of you not familiar with it. It was a celebration of aviation from the 30s, 40s and 50s and it was a top notch party! We all dressed up and their were cars and planes from the era. They had an 8 piece band called Class Act that mom got to sing with! The hangar was decorated as a airport terminal with bars set up as airport boarding gates and a diner. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards we headed up to Denny's for a much needed dinner. The night was very fun and after a shoe change for me (I lasted a long time in the pumps but the flats were like heaven) my dancing really started.
Sunday Greg and I slept in until 10, which is HIGHLY unusual for us but it was wonderful. We finished clear coating the baby's furniture then Brett and Ashley came over for a visit. They helped us move the furniture into the nursery and put it together. Here is a sneak peak picture of the furniture in the nursery but the nursery isn't quite finished. The wall paper should be in Wednesday so hopefully Thursday we will be able to put it up. Then we can put the furniture against the walls and remove the plastic from the floor. I love to see it taking shape! Yesterday and today I am feeling very tired. I'm not sure if it's just a short phase or if this is the beginning of the 3rd trimester exhaustion I've heard so much about but I'm hoping it's just a phase...there is still too much to do to be this tired!

Greg and I are still very much enjoying our new open floor plan and the little by little cleaning of the house makes us feel better...isn't it funny how cleaning out something can bring about a sense of calm in your life. It's a really nice feeling. Only 2.5 weeks until the ultrasound and 3.5 until the shower! Crazy how fast time is flying!! It'll be January before we know it and little Haiden will be here! I am so excited...I'm ready to hold him in my arms and kiss him and love him.

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