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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

27 Weeks! Progress!

Greg and I have been very busy this past week...making lots of progress!

Last week, we hung the wallpaper but ran out with about 6 feet of wall left...I should have stuck with my original figures when I had to reorder from Home Depot...something I would have done if all my brain cells were working. We bought the chair rail and stained it the same color as the furniture...it looks good. Billy came out Sunday and cut all the corners and each piece so all we will have to do is nail it up on the wall after we finish the wallpaper installation and painting. We have to paint the wallpaper because the blue shows through, but it's not a big deal...a coat or two of white paint isn't too much work...we have to paint the base boards and the crown anyway. The last roll of wallpaper should be here Wednesday and the crown should be here Thursday...so maybe we will be done by this weekend!

Saturday Greg also started the demo on the master bathroom. We will work on that a little each night and will hopefully be finished in a couple weeks. Until then we will be in between our master and guest bathrooms...it's not as bad as being out of the house for a week...we can deal with the bathrooms! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Greg and I will be meeting with the doctors at Progressive Pediatrics tonight. We have heard some great things about them and they have been recommended by several people to me. I am very excited to meet them! Hopefully it will all work out great! Can't wait to tell you all about it! We also have a midwife appointment on Wednesday...maybe she will be able to help explain the right side pains I've been having.

I can't believe we get to see our little one Friday! How fast time has gone by! Greg and I are so excited to see him again, it's been 11 weeks since we last saw him (at the gender ultrasound) and that was only 2D...we are so excited! I wonder who he will look like and whose features he has...so many questions and thoughts. I can't wait to see our little gymnast!

The place is called Sneak Peek Studios and it is located at 2720 Park Street at the intersection of Park and Kings in 5 Points. The studio is upstairs in the shopping center across from Walgreens on Park. You will need to be buzzed in but I will try to have someone downstairs to open the door for you until everyone has arrived. Once you are in the building you go up the stairs (or elevator if you prefer) and to the right. It will be on the right hand side just after the stairs. The appointment is at 7pm so try to be there about 5 minutes before so we can get started on time and get to dinner before it gets too busy.

We tried to find a place nearby for dinner afterwards so we wouldn't have to lose our parking spaces...the closest place is European Street. It's across the street and down a block. There are coupons for But 1 Get 1 Free in both the Money Pages and Mint Magazines. If you would like to go somewhere else just let me know, we are open to suggestions.

If you will be coming to the ultrasound and/or dinner please let me know so I can be sure we have enough seats and so you don't get stranded downstairs. So far I have: Mike, Cindy, Mackie, Gloria, Aunt Kathy...any one else I need to add?

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