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Monday, December 20, 2010

33/34/35 Weeks! Getting Closer!

Well, we have been busy....extremely busy!

Haiden is gaining weight like he should...he is around 5.5 pounds now...which doesn't seem that heavy until you put it all in your tummy...then it starts to feel REALLY heavy. He is keeping me awake some nights with wiggling and squirming...but soon it will be with crying and poop so I guess I better be thankful for the little wiggles. Only 2 more weeks then he can come whenever he'd like...and I'd really appreciate it if he would choose that time to be sooner rather than later! My hands and feet stay pretty much in a state of swollen, some days more than others. Getting around towards the end of the day is becoming a real struggle and everything takes much longer than it use to. I guess that's just another way the body prepares you for life with a baby. It's very frustrating for me because my mind works so fast and my body can't keep up with it anymore...I'm not use to that at all! I can't wait to have my body back to myself...I don't mind sharing Haiden! Not too much longer...maybe this time next month we will have us a baby! Wouldn't that be awesome!

A few things that have been going on:
-Tree Trimming Party at Tommy and Gloria's
From The Holidays 10
We all headed to Tommy and Gloria's for the annual tree trimming party which was a blast. Greg made a crock pot full of spaghetti and Gloria made some yummy garlic bread. Then we headed into the living room to decorate the tree. Brett and Ashley headed over later to join the festivities...it was a fun night. We all stayed the night and woke up to a wonderful breakfast. It was a very nice weekend. Then Tommy, Gloria, Greg and I met up at the Ski Club's Holiday party at the Town Center later that night for some dinner and mingling. It was very nice but Greg and I were very tired so we called it a night early.

-A new jet ski :)
From The River
We are trying to sell our EZ-Go so we can get a jet ski for the summer...well one day Greg and I decided to head over to Beach Blvd Power Sports and check out their selection (we have a family friend who works there and wanted to help us get a good deal). We ended up leaving there with a new 2011 model which we love...it's beautiful! We were planning on going down to the river that weekend and Greg surprised me with our new jet ski in tow when he came home from work Friday...I was so excited. We took a short putz that weekend but it was pretty cold and I'm not able to ride very rough so we headed back. I can't wait to see what she's made of! I don't think Greg and Tommy realize the kind of hard core jet ski fanatic I am...guess they'll just have to wait and find out. Just another reason I'm anxious for Haiden to get here! :) I also made my first pot of chili and to my surprise (and I think everyone else's too) it was pretty darn good! I'll have to try that again soon!

-Our last childbirth classes
It's official...we have been educated on childbirth (still don't think we are ready for it though!). I was really thankful we took the class and our instructor was wonderful. We had a fill in one night with a doula named Heather...before meeting her I didn't think a doula would be necessary because we will have so many people at the birth already but after class that night Greg and I could see the reason why you'd want someone like her around. She was so calming and knowledgeable...it sure would be nice to have her there to help guide us. We found out her fee is $600 and includes 2 pre-birth visits, the entire birth and a postpartum visit...she's definitely worth the $600, we just don't have it. It's too bad because we would love to have her there. But we will have all the family and the midwives so we will survive.

-St. Augustine with Mom and Dad, the River, neighborhood Christmas Caroling and Christmas shopping (all this past weekend)
After a super busy week at work, Mom, Dad, Greg and I met at the Santa Maria restaurant in St. Augustine for our annual holiday trip to the Tini Martini. We ate appetizers and had planned on eating dinner there but were so full after the appetizers we decided to skip dinner and head over the the Tini Martini. It wasn't as cold as it had been the previous year but we still had a good time. It's such a beautiful place (the bar is on the porch of the Casablanca Inn, in case you didn't know). The music wasn't as good as last year but the martini's were the same wonderful concoctions as always (so I was told). Then we headed to a new piano bar next to Scarlett O'Hara's called Rhett's...it was nice but small and very loud! I had some apple pie tart and then we headed back to the car...it wasn't a real late night but we were all exhausted after the very long and busy week and VERY busy day. It was nice to spend time with them. Greg and I headed to the River to move the jet ski to it's new home on the new trailer. We slept pretty well but were up early to move the jet ski before it poured (which it never did). After a short visit we headed home where we relaxed for a little while before heading over the the Carbondale hood for some Christmas Caroling. Greg and I always love this time of year because there are so many wonderful memories we share. Christmas Caroling was the first time Greg and I officially met. We danced the night away, agreed to go on a date (I admit I sort of tricked him into that but I don't think he regrets it) and I gave him my phone number. This time of year is so special to us, and soon we will add our little one to the special winter holiday memories...how exciting! Caroling was cut short this year because it was raining. And after we got back we snacked for a bit then headed home, everyone was just exhausted. Maybe next year it will be back to it's usual loud, fun and crazy glory! Sunday Greg finished tiling the bathroom (I'm so proud of my hubby!), we cleaned the house, took maternity pictures with Eric (can't wait for you all to see them, they are adorable!) and then went Christmas shopping. We were only out until 6:30 (we started about 4) but it felt like we had been out all day and we were exhausted. We came back, ate dinner and I was in bed by 8 while Greg tidied up the bathroom for grouting tonight. He is such a hard worker, I'm so lucky to have him!

-My Rocker to Glider Conversion
I absolutely love the look and feel of my rocker but it doesn't rock as well as I'd like because it's on carpet. I would have loved a glider that looks like my rocker but they are about $800 and no where near as cute....so after doing some research online I've decided to convert my rocker to a glider. I bought a cheap glider chair and ottoman from craigslist and after disassembling the glider and keeping on the glider mechanisms I need I found them to be a perfect fit on my rocker and ottoman. Greg is going to pick up some long bolts for me at Home Depot this afternoon and hopefully by late this evening the rocker to glider conversion will be complete (or at least by later this week). I am very excited! The rocker was such a great deal and the glider we picked up is in great shape...I can't wait to try it out!

That's just a few of the highlights from the past few weeks. Christmas is less than a week away and we can't wait...another week closer to our little man! Plus we like spending time with the family and all of course! We are excited to host Christmas dinner again this year, only we've decided to hold it on Christmas Eve, a renewed tradition from the Bragg side, and one of my favorites. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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