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Monday, August 9, 2010

16 Weeks! Our Little Avocado!

Our little Avocado is growing quickly, 4.5 inches long and 3.5 ounces. With tiny bones forming in his ears mean he can now pick up my voice. And eyebrows, lashes and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming. He is quite active, especially in the last few days…all day Saturday I could feel him moving…the movements lately are more like little tickles than the flutters I felt before but they are pretty constant. I can’t wait for Greg to be able to feel him too!

Our Midwife appointment last week went really well. She asked how I was doing and felt around on my tummy. She said everything looked good and then we listened to the baby’s heartbeat again…about 160…right on target. We asked about the lightheaded and dizzy spells, she said it could be from my hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) but was most likely due to my low blood pressure, which makes sense. I could feel the blood leaving my arms if they were up for too long (like doing my hair) which I haven’t experienced before with the low blood sugar. We also asked about prenatal vitamins. I have been off them for about a month because they were causing me to be sick and when I started feeling better I tried taking them again only to discover they still made me feel sick. She said she carries a brand in her office that has a base of ginger which helps soothe the stomach and she has never had any complaints about them…of course she was out and they were on order but I will get some when they come in. Greg asked when I would get my appetite back and she said most women start feeling well enough to eat again at about 20 weeks. He is so sweet to be concerned about me.

The most exciting part of the visit for me was the scale which was also the scariest part of the visit. I was dreading the scale but when it came time to weigh I was so involved with how to work the scale that I didn’t even realize I was on it until after I had gotten off! And I was super excited when I had only gained 2 pounds! I’m sure that will be a fond but distant memory in the near future but I have to bask in the little joys I’m given when I can! I know, I know…I’ve heard it from everyone…I’m pregnant and suppose to gain weight but that doesn’t mean that I want to. And I certainly don’t want to go over the 20-25 recommended pounds! And now that my appetite is slowly coming back…I fear for the worse! :) Goldfish and Oreo’s with milk are my new best friends…Lord help me.

Other than that she said everything was fine and things were looking good! That’s what I like to hear!

Wednesday at 6pm we have the gender ultrasound and I sure hope this little Avocado cooperates! I would hate to have to get on to it this early! But of course, unless things don’t go so well, you won’t know the results until the party on Saturday! It’s gonna be hard for me to not burst and tell the world! I took another Intelligender test this morning…but I’m not gonna tell you the results from that until Saturday either! Guess you’ll just have to wait and endure the anticipation…sucks huh?

Yesterday we had Brad’s 19th birthday dinner at Clark’s Fish Camp and although the food and the atmosphere were somewhat lacking the company was fantastic! We had a really good time!

I hope you have a great week!

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