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Monday, August 2, 2010

15 Weeks! Our Little Orange!

Well, here we are at week 15 and our little lemon is now an orange! Our orange is about 4 inches long and 2.5 ounces…how fast they grow!! His body is becoming more and more proportionate, his legs are now longer than his arms and there are working joints on all limbs. Our little orange has eyebrows and eyelashes and can hiccup although he can’t make a sound yet because his trachea is still filled with fluid, not air.

Just as I was starting to feel really good I tried taking the prenatal vitamins again and that proved to be a mistake. I woke up feeling sick and nauseous all over again…no fun! After 2 days I decided to stop. I would rather alter my diet and eat the items that give me the nutrients I need than not be able to eat anything at all. I am going to ask the midwife what she suggests at our appointment Wednesday.

Only 1 week and 2 days till we know if our little orange is a he or a she!! I can’t wait!! Don’t forget about the party on the 14th…mark your calendars!

I hope you all have a super week! I’ll let you know how the midwife appointment goes on Wednesday!

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