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Thursday, August 12, 2010

IT’S A……….

SECRET....until the party!

Last night we had the gender ultrasound and it was so neat to see our little one again. The Little One was positioned awkward at first and I was worried we wouldn’t get a good look but it turns out LO was just sleeping so after LO woke (with a little help from some poking) LO began moving around. We were able to get lots of good shots of LO’s parts and there is a clear answer as to what LO is…which you will find out Saturday!

It was really neat to see the LO moving around. We were able to see facial features like the eyes, nose and mouth. We saw LO moving its mouth and gulping. We saw the little flickering heartbeat which is very reassuring! We saw a tiny stomach and an even smaller bladder. We were even able to see the brain…our LO is gonna be really smart, I can already tell (or is that just momma syndrome?).

Because there isn’t much fat on the LO yet it all looks very skeletal so LO looks like an alien at times but it’s really neat to be able to see the face and hands and feet…it’s like there’s a little person in there!

The technician said the placenta is in the front so any kicks I have felt are powerful ones because LO has to kick hard enough for it to be felt on the other side of the placenta but an anterior placenta is a good thing. She also gave us a good window, between 26 and 28 weeks, for a 3D/4D ultrasound that will give us the best results. Anytime after that the baby’s face would be smooshed against the placenta and that doesn’t make for the best pictures. So mark your calendars and be on call for an evening or weekend between October 17 and Nov 5 to attend the 3D/4D ultrasound with us! There is a large TV and lots of seating for occasions just like this to have friends and family along for the journey!

We got a few printed pictures and 24 pictures on a CD as well as a DVD of the whole session…it’s really cool to be able to look back and watch it again. We will show the DVD on Saturday and help point out what things are because even we had trouble seeing everything without the technicians help (and sometimes it was hard even with her help).

We are looking forward to Saturday and sharing the news with all of you, we hope you are looking forward to it too! Here are all but the gender revealing pictures from last night’s session, I hope you enjoy!

See you Saturday! Add to the fun and wear the color you think it will be!

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