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Monday, July 12, 2010

12 Weeks! Our Little Plum!

Goodbye first trimester…and welcome to a much needed second trimester!

Our little one in now a plum and getting bigger by the minute! He’s about 2.5 inches and half an ounce…they grow so fast!  He is now shifting into the growth and maturation stage, almost all of the critical systems are in place. He is very active, wiggling fingers and toes, kicking like crazy and even opening and closing his mouth. The rib cage is beginning to close and the eye lids are starting to shut to protect the eyes.

This weekend was a blast!

Friday night we went to St. Augustine and met up with mom and dad, Tommy and Gloria, Mackie, Sandy and Mary. Steve and Laura, Sarah and the Kesslers were there too but we didn’t get to see them. We had dinner at A1A Ale House…it was excellent. Then we headed to the Tini Martini bar where the drinks looked and smelled wonderful! Saturday we did some shopping on St. George street…we had a great time but it was hot. My new thing is getting too full (so says my stomach anyway…I’m still hungry) and running to throw up but I usually only ending dry heaving a bit so it works out…much better than vomiting every time I eat! I found the cutest Vera Bradley Baby Bay in Slate Blooms…absolutely adorable! We also found a precious baby store with the most adorable stuff! We got a cute little anchor jumper and Gloria got us a sweet romper and a sweater that looks just like something Greg would wear…so cute!! Also exciting news (at least to me!)…I finally got the wallet that I love back! Aunt Kathy bought me a matching Vera Bradley purse and wallet a few years ago…I stopped using the purse because I started making my own (duh!) so I gave the purse and matching wallet to a friend. And I’ve missed that wallet ever since!! Well I got a new one and I’m now in wallet heaven! Happy times!! We headed back Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the night at mom and dad’s house…what a nice day!

Sunday we were lazy and didn’t get going until 12. I had to find some flat black shoes to wear to the concert so we headed to the Avenues. I found luck in the first store! Don’t you just love when that happens! I got some cute back flats and a pair of inserts (that happen to match the lining of the shoe…crazy good luck huh?) for $29…great day! We walked around for a bit and grabbed some lunch…a whole slice of pizza and not one sign of nausea or gagging! Lovely! Then we headed to Tommy and Gloria’s so she could give us her recent purchases…some super sweet and soft baby blanket, an adorable turtle hooded bath towel and a super cute layette piece with an adorable matching doggie bib…I can’t wait to see him in it!

My feet were killing me so I decided to let Greg drive to Target (he was helping me learn how to drive the Explorer…it’s so BIG!) where I had to get a few items. I switched to my new shoes because my feet were killing me from the wedges I had on (though they were super cute). He dropped me off at the front and while I was sitting there waiting for him a lady complimented me on my shoes! What a great feeling! I had luck with finding my purchases and we headed home to get ready for the concert.

The concert was absolutely fantastic! What a show! Can’t say enough good things about it! The only bad part was the long walk to the car in the rain with painful feet and a full bladder…oh well. We had fantastic seats…second row and at times it looked as if he was singing right to us! What a great night!

This weekend was just about as wonderful as it can get and I hope yours was too! I hope the week will be just as wonderful too!

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