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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stroller, Baby Bag and Furniture!

Last night I went to pick up the Orbit stroller and car seat from Lulu! We LOVE it! Here are some pics...you just don't understand it until you see it in person. And if you've ever had to mess with a typical car seat and stroller system you appreciate the wonderfulness even more!

Here's a side view of the car seat on the stroller chassis facing backward (typical stroller setup).

Here's a side view of the car seat on the stroller chassis facing sideways (a signature feature of the system). This allows baby to sit at the table, say in a restaurant for example, without having the handles of the stroller out in the aisle in everyone's way.

Here's a side view of the car seat on the stroller chassis facing forward.

Here you can see the handles of the stroller easily adjust to whatever height you need...very useful for parents of different heights, say 6'3" and 5'1" for example.

Here's a picture of the cup holder and tray for little items.

Here's the interior of the car seat. It is lined in a high grade foam around the entire interior (unlike most car seats which only have it in the center under the baby). This helps absorb any impacts or bumps. It has high sides to further protect baby. The fabric is all removable and can be washed in the washing machine! Hallelujah!

Here's a picture of the Paparazzi Sun Shade which is usually nestled in the sun shade.

Here's the bag that stays nestled under the stroller and removes easily.

Here's the inside of the bag.

Here is the car seat on the car seat base. This base is the easiest base to install, no fireman required (but I will accept inspections if in uniform minus the jacket and a shirt). The car seat can be installed without the base using the seat belt if needed.

Here's the stroller chassis without the car seat. The ring in the middle is the whole key to the Orbit system (get it, Orbit...circular ring...see!). This allows not only the infant car seat but the toddler car seat (which comes about a year down the road), the bassinet seat (which I MUST have) and the toddler stroller seat (not really a must for me when the baby can sit in the toddler car seat). The frame is aluminum and titanium so it is strong and durable yet light. The wheels are foam filled so no flat tires! And each wheel has 4 shocks so it's a smooth ride!

Here's a picture of the stroller chassis folded up. Folding is the easiest of any travel system stroller I've seen. You simply twist and lift up the stroller by the silver bar connecting the handles and the base. Gravity folds the stroller and Voila! It's folded. And unfolding is just as easy. Just undo the clip and it unfolds itself! Amazing!

Here's me demonstrating the soft, flexible handle. Unlike most car seats that are bulky plastic, the soft, flexible handle allows you to hold the car seat close to you without killing your arms and hips. It also keeps you from having to hold the seat way out from your body...another arm saver. See how my exaggerated lean isn't making the car seat sit in a crazy tilted way like it would on a regular car seat.

And last but certainly not least...the Vera Bradley Baby Bag in Slate Blooms!!!!! Isn't it the most beautiful baby bag you've ever seen? Sigh....it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. Greg made the mistake of suggesting that if it had a cooler I could get it...IT HAS A MATCHING COOLER HUNNY!! :) Which I will be getting in the near future to keep my little one's bottles nice and fresh.

We also ordered our nursery furniture last night...Tommy, Gloria, PawPaw, MawMaw and Uncle Louie purchased it for us...isn't that the sweetest gift! We will have this furniture for a long time and it will never go out of style. Once we know for sure it's a boy we will stain it a dark cherry or mahogany. Anyone like staining because there is a lot to do! A crib, a 10 drawer dresser, 2 book shelves and possibly a toy chest (which needs to be stripped first...anyone?). We will pick it up Thursday, well, all but the 2nd bookcase which had to be ordered. I will post pictures of it in a few days! It's beautiful!

Speaking of the nursery, it's almost entirely cleaned out, all that's left are the dog cages (still deciding where they will go), plastic drawers with their stuff in it and a wooden table. Pretty good huh? Can't wait to get started decorating!


  1. Congratulations! Glad you love your Orbit Baby. I work with Orbit Baby and wanted to recommend that you become a fan of Orbit Baby on Facebook, we have a great community of parents. Thanks for the support!

  2. You are such an adorable Mommy to be!!